"All of the studies reviewed found that the production of wood-based materials results in less greenhouse gas emission than the production of alternatives."

Sathre, R., & O’Connor, J. (2008). A Synthesis of Research on Wood Products & Greenhouse Gas Impact (No. Technical Report No. TR-19).


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If you have a product that needs packaging but don't know where to start, see our previous work and let us know how you would like it adapted to your product.





Have an input on the design of the presentation of your product. We design packages that represent your perspective and business philosophy. 


Have your logo engraved on your packaging. Carve whatever you want right on the material, giving your packages an innovative and beautiful way to convey information.


Our packages are creatively designed so your product not only stands out, but leaves a long lasting impression that strengthens your brand.



Leave a lasting impression packaging your products in a box that leaves the client thinking of you

Packaging that turns into a souvenir box with YOUR LOGO and  YOUR INFORMATION


Engrave your logo and information right onto your boxes and packages for a unique, customized design!

Great presentation designed to add visual appeal to elevate your brand and product 



NovelChisel is a packaging company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


This company was started with the aim of reducing the use of materials that may have a negative impact on our environment.

"Over the complete life cycle of building materials, the great majority of studies found lower total emission for wood products. The overall consensus provides a clear carbon rationale for increasing wood substitution for other products, provided that forests are sustainably managed and that wood waste and by-products are used responsibly."

Sathre, R., & O’Connor, J. (2008). A Synthesis of Research on Wood Products & Greenhouse Gas Impact (No. Technical Report No. TR-19).

We aim to provide a packaging solution that is unique and stands out. The development of our packages is fully customizable and you have an input in the shape, sizeand colour of the package.

We believe that the quality of your product is the reason why your client will keep coming back. We also believe that the presentation of your product will help the client remember your brand. NovelChisel offers packages that are memorable and are designed according to your vision and high standards. 


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